American Chameleon Podcast, 2019  

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Recent podcast episodes


TTFA's Nora McInerny in Conversation, 2017  
Dead sister. Dead grandma. Dead grandpa. Dead uncle. Dead mom. Dead dad. Dead brother. The list of loss goes on and on for Jaamil, and so does his list of professional accolades and accomplishments as he moves from trauma to post-traumatic enlightenment.


Jeanette Woods in Conversation, 2015  
We discuss the project's history, concepts on Black identity, and how art can be used a force of education, social engagement, and protest. 


Dana Michel in Conversation, 2014 
Is there such a thing as a Black abstractionist aesthetic in live performance? Can the Black body exist in live performance without the concern of euro-centric or westernized legibility? How might the female body behave in the public domain when void of the need to be stereotypically attractive in the eyes of the hetero-masculine gaze? All of the above questions seem to be thematic concerns of Dana Michel's Yellow Towel, which opened this past January in New York City as a part of performance curator Ben Pryor's American Realness Festival at Abrons Art Center.


Nora Chipaumire in Conversation, 2012  
Critical Correspondence Interview between Jaamil Olawale Kosoko and Nora Chipaumire, a Zimbabwe born (and currently a resident of New York City) artist challenging stereotypes of Africa and the black performing body, art, and aesthetic for the past decade. 


AIOP in Conversation, 2013
We discuss representations of the black male body in the media and everyday performances of race and gender.